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Alexandria Contact Lens

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Alexandria Contact Lens

Tired of looking for your glasses? Brahm & Powell in Alexandria, VA have the perfect solution for you. Try our contact lens exams and fittings!

Alexandria Contact Lens
Alexandria Contact Lens

Family owned and operated for 50 years, the Alexandria opticians are good at making you feel comfortable and look good with a new style. Licensed opticians at the Alexandria optical store have had extensive training and clinical experience with the exams and fitting of contact lens. At the optical store in Alexandria we fit all types of contact lenses. During your examination, one of our opticians at Brahm & Powell in Alexandria will determine if your eyes are healthy enough for contact lens. They will measure your eyes, and also assist you in placing them in and provide you with instruction on proper lens care and follow up appointments. We continually work with the most recent advances in contact lens technology, which include improved comfort and healthiness of the contact lenses themselves.

Alexandria Optical Goods

Among our contact lens exams and fittings, we perform comprehensive eye exams, electonic eyewear, sunglasses and frames.Our opticians at the Alexandria optical goods store perform extensive eye exams to pinpoint any eye conditions. At Brahm & Powell in Alexandria we carry designer eyewear, including Tiffany, Kate Spade, and Rudy Project. Our optical store offers a comfortable atmosphere and a friendly staff to help you select the perfect affordable frames for you and your family. Stop by our convenient location on North Washington Street to talk with one of our opticians to see if contact lens are the next step for you.

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