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Vision Testing in Alexandria

You only get one set of eyes, and they get you through every aspect of your daily life. Your eyes are often the first thing people notice, so it is extremely important to take great care of your optical health. Comprehensive eye examinations are an important first step to maintaining healthy eyes, and our Alexandria Eye Doctors are experts in administering top quality eye exams. As a family owned and operated business, the staff at Brahm & Powell Opticians are dedicated to continually providing the finest in vision care, eye-wear and customer service.

Getting eye exams every once in a while are an important aspect of preventative health care. When it comes to eye complications, many problems often have invisible symptoms. Waiting too long in between these eye exams may put you at risk for untreated ailments, diseases, or incorrect prescriptions. Even if you think your vision and eyes are fine, it is simply wise to periodically get them checked. Our Alexandria Eye Doctors provide top eye care, and it all starts with comprehensive eye exams. We will review your patient history, and go over any problems or procedures you’ve had before. Our eye exams are simple and easy for you; they often include visual acuity tests, color blindness tests, eye muscle movement tests, refraction tests, and any others that our optometrists may personalize to your exam. Also, looking your best (and having the vision to see how good you look!) is important. Our staff ensures that you are confident in your eye health. At Brahm & Powell Opticians, we offer a wide range of the latest and most stylish eye-wear for you to choose from. From designer, to sunglasses, sports glasses, and accessories, you are sure to find your perfect frames.

Maybe it’s been too long since your last visit to the eye doctor, or maybe you have a new concern that you want to get checked out. Either way, our Alexandria Eye Doctor works with you to meet all your eye health needs. Our staff is friendly and professional, and always uses the most modern and reliable technology. Once we administer your comprehensive eye exam, we continue to work with you to personalize your treatment and needs. We welcome you to make an appointment and come in for a visit. As a dedicated family owned and run business, we hope you can become a part of our Brahm & Powell family!

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