Contact lens exam Huntington

Contact Lens Exam Huntington

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Contact lens exams and fittings in Huntington

Contact lens exam Huntington
Contact lens exam Huntington

When you have a contact lens exam and fitting here at Brahm & Powell Opticians, it’s our way of putting in that extra effort to show how important your satisfaction is to us. As our valued customer, we want you to experience optimal vision correction, and enjoy a comfortable experience with your contacts.

Our contact lens exam Huntington is a more detailed type of eye exam, taking into account that unlike with eyeglasses, your contacts will actually be touching your eyes when you wear them. It is essential that our optometrist makes sure that the vital parts of your eyes that do touch the lenses (corneas, conjunctiva, and eyelids) do not have any issues that could pose an obstacle for you when you put your contact lenses in. Noting the curvature of your cornea is also important, because the angle for contacts is different than for eyeglasses, due to the proximity of the lens to your cornea. Our optometrist makes certain that your prescription will be written such that you can get the most out of it when you have our contact lens exam Huntington. As for the fitting, well you can’t achieve better vision unless your contacts are in your eyes, and without a high degree of comfort, you’ll likely avoid using them. We want you to feel completely at ease when you put in your contacts. And by finding the ideal centering, you’ll get the sharpest and clearest vision you are capable of. No matter which type of contact lenses you choose from our significant array of options, we want there to be no doubt about the fact that you will feel positive about them.

In order to schedule a convenient time to come in for our contact lens exam Huntington and a fitting, please call our office right now.

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