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Diabetic eye examinations in Alexandria VA

Eye doctor in Alexandria VA
Eye doctor in Alexandria VA

If you have diabetes, you probably already know the importance of having an annual eye exam in order to make sure that your eyes are remaining healthy. If you are looking for an optical practice that can provide you with complete eye exams, you should visit us at Brahm & Powell Opticians. At our optical store, you can see our eye doctor in Alexandria VA, for a comprehensive eye exam or a contact lens exam and fitting.

When you come to our optical store for an eye exam, it will be expertly performed at our practice by a top-notch optometrist of Alexandria Eye Associates. Our eye doctor in Alexandria VA can provide you with comprehensive eye exams which include complete diabetic eye exams. When a patient has diabetes, it can affect the retina and blood vessels which reside at the back of the eye. Elevated levels of sugar in the blood can cause blood vessels to multiply and grow over the retina, or can cause blood vessels to weaken and leak blood and fluids into the eyes. When problems with the blood vessels at the back of the eye occur, it can cause scarring which can lead to retinal tears and even retinal detachments. Patients with diabetes are also known to sometimes be at greater risk for developing other vision problems which can include developing cataracts earlier in life, or developing glaucoma. When you have diabetes, the best thing you can do to protect your good eye health is to have periodic eye exams, which include a complete diabetic eye exam and screening, and work to keep your blood sugar levels at a safe level. Our eye doctor will let you know if you should have eye exams on a yearly basis, or if you should have them more frequently.

For an appointment to see our eye doctor in Alexandria VA for diabetic eye exam, contact us today.

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