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Eyeglass Repairs Huntington

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Eyeglass repairs in Huntington

Eyeglass repairs Huntington
Eyeglass repairs Huntington

No matter what your eyesight is like, you should make sure that you have your vision checked at least once a year. Even making the slightest adjustment to your prescription lenses can make a world of difference. When it comes to all kinds of vision services, we here at Brahm & Powell Opticians can provide you with whatever you need. If you need vision care or eyeglass repairs in Huntington, look no further than our optical office to get the personalized and attentive care that you deserve.

Brahm & Powell Opticians is a family owned and operated business that specializes in providing the finest in vision care, eyewear and customer service in the area. Our state of the art optical office is located in the first block of the main intersection of King Street and North Washington Street where we offer attentive vision care as well as the latest eyewear styles, sunglasses, sports glasses and eyewear accessories. We offer complete vision care including comprehensive eye exams and contact lens fittings, customized lenses, in-house fabrication and eyeglass repairs in Huntington. Aside from having your prescription updated or choosing new lenses, eyeglass repairs can make all the difference in the world. Any sort of damage to your frames or lenses should be fixed right away, otherwise your vision or your comfort may suffer for it. If the frames break, bend, or get out of shape, we can refit them and ensure that they fit snugly and securely. Frames that are too loose can easily fall off and break whereas frames that are too tight can cause tension headaches and discomfort. We also replace and repair lenses that may become cloudy, scratched, or pop out of their frames.

If you are looking for eyeglasses or eyeglass repairs in Huntington, then feel free to visit us here at Brahm & Powell Opticians where we can take care of all your optical needs.

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