Eyeglass repairs in Huntington

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Huntington eyeglass repairs 

If your favorite pair of eyeglasses needs repair, you will definitely want to visit us at Brahm & Powell Opticians. At our optical store, we offer many different services including expert eyeglass repairs in Huntington VA; our owner and licensed optician is Rebecca Fertig.

Huntington eyeglass repairs

If you have a favorite pair of eyeglasses, you definitely do not want to get rid of them just because they are in need of repair. We are able to fix your eyeglasses so that they are as good as new. We can also put new lenses into your eyeglasses to meet your new prescription. When you need eyeglass repairs in Huntington VA, you can do no better than to visit us at our vision practice where our dedicated optometrist will fix your eyeglasses so that they fit you perfectly, and provide you with optimal vision correction. Our practice is a complete optical business where we provide the finest vision care, eyewear, and customer service. If you are thinking about purchasing a new pair of eyeglasses, you will be happy to know that we have a large and exciting collection of designer eyewear, as well as contact lenses and sunglasses. We carry a wide range of styles and frames to fit every budget. Our friendly and knowledgeable frame experts are always happy to work with you to help you find the perfect eyeglasses to work with your prescription needs, face shape, fashion sense, and budget. If your child needs to get eyeglasses, we can help them as well, since we also carry an exciting collection of kids’ eyeglasses. We also carry sports glasses and eyewear accessories. If you want to have your eyes examined before purchasing new lenses, you can have a complete eye exam provided by our in-house optometrist from Alexandria Eye Associates. We offer many different types of customized lenses to work with your new eyeglass frames. And your new eyeglasses will be built in-house.

When you want to get a new pair of eyeglasses, or have eyeglass repairs in Huntington VA, simply drop by to see us at Brahm & Powell Opticians.