Huntington Contact Lenses

Huntington Contact Lenses

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Contact Lens Exams and Fittings in Huntington

If you need vision correction and don’t want to wear eyeglasses, you might want to consider getting Huntington contact lenses instead. Prescription contact lenses can provide you with the clear vision you need without changing your appearance at all. If you’re interested in contact lenses, you’ll need to get an additional eye exam. You’ll not only need a comprehensive eye exam but also a contact lens exam and fitting.

If you’re considering getting Huntington contact lenses, there are some things that must be done first. First, an experienced optometrist, like one of ours at Brahm& Powell Opticians will need to perform a comprehensive eye exam to rule out any eye diseases or conditions. He will need to determine if your eyes are healthy enough for contact lenses. If your comprehensive eye exam goes well your eye doctor will need to do a contact lens exam and fitting. This is done to ensure that you receive the right contacts for you and that they fit properly. Your contact lenses need to fit well, provide comfort, clear vision, meet your personal needs and need to be in alignment with your lifestyle. There are many different types of contacts to select from which include: soft contacts, hard contacts, daily wear and extended wear contacts. When choosing them, certain factors need to be taken into consideration. Once the type of contacts is chosen, your cornea will need to be measured and examined since they are placed directly on top of it. It’s very important that the contact lenses fit your cornea’s shape and size well and that they also provide you with clear vision you need. Your professional eye doctor at Brahm& Powell Opticians will try different lenses by placing them in your eyes to ensure that your contacts provide you with the best comfort, vision clarity & proper fit for you.

To schedule your Huntington contact lenses exam and fitting, contact us today. One of our friendly associates would be glad to help you.

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