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Eye Testing in Alexandria VA

Local Eye Care Alexandria VA
Local Eye Care Alexandria VA

If you are looking for an excellent vision practice where you can purchase great eyeglasses and also receive top-notch eye care, you should visit us at Brahm & Powell Opticians. At our vision practice, local eye care Alexandria VA is performed in-house by the skilled optometrists, Dr. Margaret Johnston and Dr. Alison Sinyai, of Alexandria Eye Associates.

When you need local eye care Alexandria VA, simply contact our office and an appointment can be made to see a fine optometrist in-house. The optometrist will be able to provide eye care when needed, as well as provide patients with comprehensive eye exams as well as contact lens exams and fittings. During both type of eye exams, your eyes will be tested for many different eye diseases and disorders. Among the eye diseases that are screened for during an eye exam at our optical store include: macular degeneration; diabetic retinopathy; glaucoma; cataracts; retinal tears; dry eyes; and other problems of the cornea, macula, and retina. It is important that you have an eye exam on a yearly basis because there are many serious eye diseases which show no symptoms in the early stages. For example, if a patient has glaucoma, and it is in its early stages, it can be easily treated with medicated eye drops which can be prescribed by our optometrist. However, if you do not come in for a yearly eye exam, the glaucoma will only progress, and may possibly reach the point when you develop permanent vision problems which cannot be corrected. Glaucoma, when it progresses does permanent damage to the optic nerve. Unfortunately, today’s treatment of glaucoma only focuses on keeping the eye disease from progressing; vision lost to glaucoma cannot be restored. So having periodic eye exams is the best thing you can do to ensure your continued good vision.

For an appointment for excellent local eye care Alexandria VA, amply contact us today.

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