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Glasses are a necessity for many of us with visual impairments. They provide us with clear vision, but that does not mean it does not have its drawbacks at times. Have you ever walked in from the cold or walked out of an air conditioned room out into the summer heat and find your glasses quickly fogging? Have you ever opened the oven to check on dinner or walked through tunnel and found your glasses fogged up due to steam or other conditions? This side-effect is inconvenient and temporarily blinds anyone with glasses. Here at our Alexandria optical boutique, our optometrists can test your vision and our opticians can fit you with a pair of OptiFog Lenses. After a visit to Brahm & Powell Opticians, you will no longer have to worry about temporary vision inconveniences.

Specialty Eyewear 22314
Specialty Eyewear 22314

OptiFog Lenses provide any glasses wearer with constant, clear vision. The fogging up of the lenses can affect any wearer at any time, whether at home, at work, outdoors or indoors, it is always a hassle to see clearly. Often, these occurrences happen when we least expect it and can temporarily blind us. This can make activities such as driving or operating other machinery dangerous. Not only that, but when completing everyday activities and going about our routine can be bothersome if glasses are prone to fogging. But here at our Alexandria optical boutique, we can provide you with OptiFog Lenses that will solve the problem. After a consultation and examination conducted by one of our dedicated optometrists here at Brahm & Powell Opticians, you will be provided with a prescription and can then move on to choosing an OptiFog Lense.

Brahm & Powell Opticians carries this brand because it is effective. OptiFog Lenses are made with a specialized anti-fog topcoat that provides long-lasting fog-free vision when combined with the OptiFog Activator. The OptiFog Activator is an extraneous spray that is applied to the lenses to better ensure that the lenses are impervious to fogging up your glasses and clouding your vision. Visit our Alexandria optical boutique today to select a pair of frames with OptiFog lenses included.

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