Optometry office in Huntington

Optometry Office in Huntington

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Eye allergies in Huntington

Optometry office in Huntington
Optometry office in Huntington

Wind, allergies and weather conditions can all contribute to the dry, red itchiness of dry eyes. At Brahm & Powell Opticians our optometry office in Huntington treats eye allergies with medicated eye drops and other methods that help to relieve them. Allergies and dry eyes can be irritating, especially during certain seasons where there is dry, windy weather and cold.

Our optometry office in Huntington recommends that our patients come in at least once a year for their eye exams. It’s important to keep up-to-date on prescriptions as well to keep eyes healthy. We check for eye diseases like glaucoma and cataracts, which often happens to people as they age. Blurriness or trouble seeing at night may mean that glasses are needed. We have eyeglasses and contact lenses for patients, however, the preference depends on what the patient’s needs are. Some patients who have eye allergies opt for glasses, as contact lenses can irritate their eyes.

Some people like to wear contact lenses only while others may need glasses full time, and may opt to wear eyeglasses. Our optometry office in Huntington has budget and luxury frames in different varieties for you to choose from, as well as contact lenses such as daily disposables and extended wear. Check our website for specials. Right now, we’re running our annual sunglasses sale. Our entire stock of sunglasses, excluding Maui Jim frames, are on sale for 25% off. We’re also giving our patients 20% off on a pair of non prescription sunglasses with the purchase of a year’s supply of contact lenses. Or get 20% off a 2nd complete pair of glasses with the purchase of a complete pair of glasses at regular price. We’re open Monday through Saturday, and on Saturdays we’re open until 4pm, which many patients find convenient.

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